Wyatt was born in the summer of 2011 after a few dreamers with enough gumption (or lack of good sense) decided to make it a reality. Together we’ve explored and created work that spans from graphic packages to show opens, film titles to concert visuals, B2B and direct client projects. We reside at the crossroads of production and post production, collaborating with our clients at each step of the process from creative inception through delivery. 
At Wyatt, we understand the importance of having high quality of work, high quality of life and, of course, high quality of beer.

Abigail Seymour Koch
Executive Producer 

Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad: Breaking Bad
Apple or Orange: Grapefruit
Favorite Vacation: Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Cheese or Roller Coasters: Cheese

Vance Gerard

Creative Director

Renegade or Walker Texas Ranger: Renegade

Biggie or Tupac: Biggie

Favorite Sports Team: The Super Bowl 50 Champion Denver Broncos

Favorite WWF Wrestler: Ric Flair