AT&T Sportsnet / Little Things Campaign
Tasked with creating a modular narrative-driven live-action execution that showcased team logo placement for 8 different major sports teams, Wyatt worked hand-in-hand with AT&T Sportsnet to create a campaign that would connect the viewer with the network in a genuine way. The majority of sports image pieces are either talent-driven or focus on "big" moments like touchdowns, home-runs, and shoot-out game-winners, but Wyatt and AT&T Sportsnet opted for a different approach. This campaign celebrates the quieter moments leading up to the game broadcast - because without all those little things, the big moments don’t happen.
Through a collaborative approach, Wyatt developed a cinematography style-guide that allowed the talented team at AT&T Sportsnet to shoot the behind-the-scenes portions of the piece on location during game filming. Concurrently, Wyatt handled the remainder of the principal photography.  Original Music and Sound Design by Chaliwa Sound. 

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